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BSBI Journey to Academic Success - Let BestEssayWriter Guide You

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From Berlin to Barcelona: BSBI's European Expansion

BSBI Berlin is part of a global network of campuses operated by GUS. Though not a degree-granting institution itself in Germany, it has partners with accredited schools like Italy's UniNettuno University to validate its programs.

In 2019, This university announced a collaboration with Concordia University Chicago to offer US-accredited degrees from its Berlin campus. They also provide UK-accredited courses through the University for the Creative Arts.

Showing its commitment to ethical business education, berlinsbi became a signatory of the UN's Principles for Responsible Management Education in 2020. It continues to expand its global reach, now with campuses in Paris, Athens, Hamburg, Barcelona, and its original Berlin location.

So while not a university itself, this university leverages strategic partnerships to provide internationally-accredited business programs in Berlin and across Europe. This flexible model allows BSBI to focus on practical, career-oriented education grounded in ethics and responsibility.

BSBI Focuses on the Leaders of Tomorrow

The Berlin School of Business and Innovation, or berlinsbi for short, opened its doors in 2018. It was started by Global University Systems, a company that runs various for-profit colleges and universities around the world. This encourages an entrepreneurial mindset while developing enterprise, leadership, and technology skills.

They do not hold degree-awarding powers within Germany. Its programs are validated through partnerships with distance learning institutions like UniNettuno International Telematic University in Italy. It has also collaborated with universities in the United States, United Kingdom, and other parts of Europe to deliver joint programs in Berlin.

The school aims to equip students with an innovative and adaptable approach to business education. BSBI has integrated a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) into its teaching model, with "virtual rooms" that complement or mirror physical classrooms. This allows for remote and continuous learning.

With campuses across Europe, this university is led by Executive Chairman Sagi Hartov and GUS CEO Aaron Etingen. It became a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education to align with sustainable best practices.

Preparing Change-makers and Innovators

As a student at berlinsbi, you have the exciting opportunity to pursue a wide range of degree programs focused on business, technology, and entrepreneurship. Suppose you're interested in launching your own startup one day. In that case, you can enroll in BSBI's Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship program to develop the skills and mindset of a successful founder. If you're more interested in leadership, the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration allows you to specialize in marketing, human resources, or project management.

For graduate students, this university offers Master's degrees in subjects like International Business, Digital Business, Big Data Management, and Fashion and Technology. The professors are very experienced and love sharing real-world insights from their careers. With small class sizes, you'll get to know your professors and classmates well during your time in the programs. The campus also provides chances to network with businesses and entrepreneurs in Berlin. Overall, the programs at BSBI aim to prepare you for the fast-paced, innovative world of modern business.

Courses Tailored to Your Goals

As a BSBI student with interests in entrepreneurship, marketing, data, or project management, you've got a ton of cool business and tech courses to choose from. In the startup-focused Entrepreneurship track, you'll brainstorm business models and prototypes and learn from professors running their own companies here in Berlin's lively startup scene. Or dive into understanding consumers in Consumer Behavior through market research and trend analysis.

If you're data-driven, berlinsbi has you covered with courses in Data Mining, SQL, Python, Tableau, and more. You'll take on data-heavy projects that build job skills. Across business disciplines like HR, finance, and project management, small class sizes allow for hands-on learning. There are even cutting-edge courses blending business with art and tech.

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BSBI Programs Level Up with Canvas

As a student, the online student portal is an invaluable tool that provides a centralized hub for all your class information, schedules, grades, and communication. With just one login, you can view lecture handouts, submit assignments, check announcements, and directly message professors - no more digging through inboxes! The portal enables seamless collaboration and ensures you never miss an important update.

MyPage - Your Personalized Student Portal

MyPage is your fully customized portal as a Berlinsbi student. By pinning your most used links and info to this dashboard, this becomes your go-to resource for any campus news, events, grades, or notifications. You can manage your calendar, transcript, to-do list, and recent messages in one place! bsbi login facilitates communication so you can easily RSVP for campus events, check your schedule, and stay up-to-date.

Access Your Classes 24/7 with Canvas BSBI

Don't forget to log into BSBI canvas to access all your course content online. This user-friendly learning management system allows you to join virtual lectures, participate in discussions, take quizzes, submit assignments, and collaborate with classmates and professors. With the BSBI canvas login, you can study material at your own pace anytime. This portal provides the tools to actively engage and excel in your university programs from day one.

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